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    Create List of Most Visited Pages

    Let's suppose I have a directory filled with PHP pages. Let's suppose I want to be able to show a list of which pages receive the most traffic, dynamically, so the list is updated as the pages receive more traffic?

    How would I do that? Can PHP do that, or do I need a javascript?

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    of course php will do that! how? ok i won't write all the script for you because i have no more time for this, but i give you my plans

    --> first you create a php engine that logs everything to a log file with the page name
    ex: directory: logs/
    site is 3 pages -> contact, main, support
    there are three files in logs directory
    contact.log main.log support.log

    and do not forget to add:
    $listpage = "main";
    include ("countthispage.php");

    this is the main idea...

    --> and now you must create a new page which shows which page visits too much!
    if you are doing that with directory listing it is also so good. (i mean opendir(); etc..)
    and this page play with codes and get your top 1 page! (or 10 it is up to you)

    gooood work


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