Have done templates and mysql now onto sessions

Firstly, would you recommend using phplib for use with sessions? this is what phplib was first written for wastn't it. My needs are as follows:

i) to have an original non authentication required session with certain preferences set. This would include for example language so that if they click a certain link a language setting gets put into the session.

ii) this session can be replaced by another session if they choose to log into the "log in" section at which point a call to mysql will find their permissions which is then set in the session.

iii) the admin section will have different users with numerous different permissions, again similair to part ii).

It is real important that this would work on PHP3 as well as PHP4 on windows as well as linux.

If you think phplib is the one, cool it looks like it. Do you also know of any articles on using phplib sessions. I found this one:


but a few others would be useful.