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    Arg. I need some help... I wasn't sure where to ask this, and I know there are some security experts in this forum.

    Does anyone know where there are some good "white paper" reports on the "standard" method of security for a website? Is there any type of comparison material between using .htaccess and a custom system?

    I'm trying to appease an employer who wants to know if their .htaccess protected directories are safe enough. I've got them going to the business owner to try and put a $$ value on the data that is in the directories (reports), and I'm supposed to try and find out what the "internet standard method of security" is supposed to be.

    I basically told them the only real "standard" is .htaccess, and everything else is a custom solution.

    Anybody have any thoughts on this? Where can I find documents and/or papers on the subject?

    As an example, here's a sample link that they are using .htacccess to protect. ( How difficult would it be to hack into this? Is it safe to use .htaccess?

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