I'd like to be able to have my browser display the output of my script as it's happening. However, it seems to cache it for a while and either show it in huge chunks or all at once when it's done.

A few examples:
- For those that use vBulletin, while you're running an update it'll say something like "Updating xxxx table..." and then a few seconds later it'll say "complete". A similar script of mine would not say anthing until it was done and then say "Updating xxxx table.... complete" all at once.
- For a more easy to see example, check out this page. Enter any URL in the big box on the left and then click "Check Link Popularity" on the right. The script will show it's progress as it's going along.

When I write similar scripts, I have the script "echo" out the data as it's being completed, but the browser won't show it for a while. It's not a problem with my browser, as both of the above examples work as I said, and I've used both IE and FireFox.

Any suggestions?