First i wanted to say thanks for all of the great info here..... I have been a web developer since 99 but always shyed away from full css sites due to browser concerns ........ those days are over.

Anyways I started reading last week & made my first stab at a full xhtml strict site with a tableless design ........ PLEASE Ignore the colors, I made the mistake of picking them on my laptop - Ill fix that later.
The page can be found at I put all the css in the head for ease of reading. Ive looked at it in IE 5(see below) & 6, FF 1.0, Mozilla & NN7... so far almost so good.

I have a few problems that Im not quite getting. In IE 5 the menubar (on the right) has gapping holes between the sections.... Yes Ive read all the tutorials about the IE bugs but I dont think they apply to this....

In both IE 5 & 6 when you resize the browser smaller the whole right section drops below the text area ........ NN7, FF & Mozilla dont do this ..... how can I tell IE to stops dropping the floats below?

OK now to Opera (oh I can hear the groans now & I agree) Is this bucket of junk even worth trying to please. Nothing seems to work in 5 OR 6 - heck nn 4.7 LOOKS BETTER! (well not really). I cant get the drop dowsn to work & from what Ive read out there the d in dhtml doesnt work. Im using the getElementById for the drop downs ... anyone know a fix for Opera to handle this?

Lastly can I get some Mac people to look at this & let me know whats happening there ..... I dont have access to a Mac.

Feel free to beat me up, say what you feel --- Im a BIG boy & can handle it!

Once again thanks for the great site & the great info!