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    Amature needs help

    Whats up, my name is johnson and i am currently building a website for my buddies band. I've built sites before using HTML on free hosting sites such as Angelfire/Geocities. Recently I began building again and I am looking to make a more professional style website. I have been hearing a lot about php, css, and all that good stuff. So I downloaded Macromedia Dreamweaver 2004, but I have absolutley no idea on what to do with it now. Could anyone give me some help on where I can get some help, tutorials, examples, ext. Any info is much appreciated.

    If youd like to see my site so far visit

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    If you want to learn CSS the you should probably start with a good book. (Sitepoint has a new css book just out which might be worth looking at). Search through the threads here for other recommendations.

    CSS has a steep learning curve so read as much as you can and look through the faq threads here and scan through the posts to get a feel for how css works. The faq should help you avoid common mistakes.

    The best way to start is to practice first and learn how to use the css properties correctly and how and when you should use them. CSS is not like tables and needs a different approach and a different kind of understanding.

    Have a look at sites like A list apart:

    and P.I.E.

    If you want tutorials on DW then check at macromedias site as you are sure to find plenty of info there. Also do a search on google for the top ten web design mistakes and make sure you avoid them

    Hope thats a start



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