I've read some of the threads in this forum about this issue and though I had the answers but apparently not.

Like many people before me I am trying to make a CSS Layer retain it's 'assigned' position when I resize browser windows.

I though I had the solution in Project Seven's Snap Layers. I created my CSS Layer and then named my table and 'snapped' the Layer to the table. Voila! In all my browsers the layer moved to its assigned position when I resized the window. All that is apart from IE. Good old Microsoft huh! In IE 5.2 for Mac and in IE on the PC (v6 and 5.5 I think) the layer is in a different position. Even before I resize the browser window.

I have attached a screen shot so you can see (PDF Format).

I am new to using layers and as a newbie I'm sure you'll all tell me to ditch DW and code by hand. Well, I'm working on that and someday who knows but if any of you can give me some help with this I would be very grateful.
Thanks in advance.