I have a form the Inserts phone numbers.

It has four fields for: (area)-XXX-XXXX - ext //field for their extension.

Then another alternate phone number. This totals eight columns just for phone numbers.

On another site I simply have one field for the entire phone number. Problem that i've discoverd is that many users don't know whether to hypehn, or how to include their phone extensions if they have them. So I end up having to manually edit many of these. (staying away from javascript for those who don't have it enabled)

Isn't there a better way than to have eight fields for this (and having to echo eight fields back when the time comes)? (actually plus two more fields, for preferred times of contact for ea. phone number)

Is there a way to Insert these four fields "(area)-XXX-XXXX-ext" all in to a single column? (don't presently have a confimation page to show user their values before Inserting but this may come)