Hi there

Now, I really didnt know if anybody has come accross this problem or indeed nkows anything about it but I want to ask a question about the PHP SESSIONS used on phpBB (i have posted on the phpBB forum, but the general response seems to be along the lines of "Uh !!")

I have developed a main site in PHP and am using sessions to pass the valid user from one page to the next enabling features accordingly. However, I also have a phpBB forum running as another part of the site. Currently,In my mainwebsite I have a mysql database for users to which I authenticate against ( I have a login form on the main page of the site)

The problem is, when they launch the forum, my sessions obviously become useless and they have to log in again against the phpBB user table ! (and I obviously have to keep the two user databases in sync), now at first i thought this would be ok, but i can see my userbase becoming very annoyed with this,

I would like to authenticate against the phpBB user database, this isnt the problem, because i can do that as part of the main site login process. i will also make sure that all user account creations are done in phpBB, but I need to know 2 things

1) what are the session details I need to pass to the first page of the forum when it is launched from the main site in order to consider that user logged in ? do I just pass the username? or do i need to pass any other details (bearing in mind i would have queeried the phpbb user database in my main site to create the valid user , i presume i dont need to send the password in the session?)

2) Do i need anything else, am i missing something here ?, is this more complicated than i am making out

any help would be greatly appreciated