Hey guys,

Im new to SQL and I'm trying to use it just to get the hang of it, was doing good until I got to this problem, it seems simple but I just can't solve it.

I want to have a listing of tutorials, and each tutorial would have pages.
So one table would be like page / content.

1 Content
2 Content
3 Content

then I need a table with id|tutorial name|date added

But i dont know how I can link the two tables. I think I need a 3rd table.
And another thing, i need a primary key for the page|content. If I add an ID field it loses normalization. IE:

1 1 Content...
1 2 Content...
1 3 Content...
2 1 Content...
2 2 Content...

The only way i see a way to fix this is to make a new table for EACH tutorial. Isn't there a way to do this without making a table for each tutorial. It looks so simple but I just cant wrap my mind around it.

I tried my best to describe my problem. Any pointers would be greatly appreciated!