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    I have used this method a thousand times before to auto-submit a form, for some reason I cannot get it to work this time, anyone have any idea why?

    <form action="/ufi/hs~hosting_order.php" method="POST" name="theform">
    <tr valign="top">
    	<td width="200" align="right"><span class="bodytext"><b>Selected Hosting Plan:</b></span>&nbsp;&nbsp;</td>
    	<td width="250"><select name="plan" class="ordernb" onChange="document.theform.submit(); ">
    <option value="1" selected>Shared Hosting - Plan A &nbsp; - 11.95
    <option value="2">Shared Hosting - Plan B &nbsp; - 19.95
    <option value="3">Shared Hosting - Plan C &nbsp; - 29.95
    <option value="4">Shared Hosting - Plan D &nbsp; - 49.95
    <option value="5">Shared Hosting - Plan E &nbsp; - 99.95
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