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    Can PHP Be setup to Handle session via a database without much intervention?

    Can PHP Be setup to Handle sessions via a database without much intervention?

    so that like you coul store all the session data in the database

    I have heard there is some sort of flag to enable automatic URL session generation

    1] Can this be done at a client level and not a site administrator level?
    2] Is it possible with this mechanism to do it to a DB without having to write special code?
    3] If you do have to write special code can you still get it to insert the session URL details in the urls automatically?

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    I can see that you are new but honestly, I assume that you can read. I don't mean to insult nor am I being rude but honestly!! This is an ASP Forum man, not the PHP Forum. You need to go to
    Don't worry though, I've reported this to MODs & they'll move this to the PHP forum, so don't start a new thread in that forum.
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