Ok i have a SQL script to create the tables for a database (in this case Postgre) but i cant check if it works or not. Would you test if it works please?
And if it doesnt what should i change. [ie. MySQL wont let me have a string type as a key, it wont let me have VARCHAR(#) either... that kind of problems.]

Here is the SQL Script, also the table's model on DBDesigner, and the tables on MSAccess (as example).

A picture of it in case you cant open the DBDesigner model:

I need to know if that SQL Script will actually work on Postgre because i will only have only 15 minutes to set up my program this Saturday (ya, student), I can't test it myself because i dont have a NTFS partition...
I need a bug-free script that day or else i wont have enough time to make it work. Thank you for helping.

Im a student and one of the labs is about using DBDesigner to create a Database on Postgre.
DBDesigner has a "Connect to database and generate tables option", you choose the driver from the list and thats it. But it doesnt have Postgre on that list. So the only solution is selecting the "Generate SQL script" and manually using it on Postgre (right?)

I have designed the data model on DBDesigner and generated the SQL script to create the tables but i cant test it because i dont have a NTFS partition to install Postgre (and i cant format one right now, i dont have enough space and time).

In case it is possible to use DBDesigner to create the tables directly please tell me how.
I guess it could do it if i use the ODBC Connection option, but again, i cant test...