I have been working on a website that is heavily reliant on some basic PHP scripts (Randomurl, Multiple counters, Reccomend & a Submission script). Everything worked fine while I had the site hosted as a test on a friends server, now that the site is 95% finished I needed to find a more permanent home for the site and as I dont want to have to pay for my "little project" I have setup a free hosting account with www.f2s.com.

Now the problem is none of my scripts seem to work any except the randomurl script, and I have no idea as to why, so any contributions or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

The urls are as follows
this is the main page, and for example, at the top it should count the amount of visitors to that page (X portals served since 27-02-2001), also if you click on the Submit or Tell a friend these dont work either.

Is the randomurl script which seems to work fine

Is a non PHP server where there is copies of all the scripts and files used for the website.