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    Hi there,

    I am the Webmaster for two sites:

    The second site recieves a decent amount of traffic, however the first site needs more. Both sites have been submitted to search engines, but they don't come up in any search engines whenever I try any keywords that I used. Does anyone have any suggestions as to how to improve our rankings? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.


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    Don't worry, I'm just posting this here for reference.

    <title> Proudly Serving the Gambling Community!</title>
    <meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=iso-8859-1">
    <META NAME="Keywords" CONTENT=" free picks odds sportsbooks scores lines discussion forum">
    <META NAME="Description" CONTENT=" Proudly serving the gambling community.">
    It seems that you are still working on this. You should choose some special keywords, particularly two-word keywords such as "sports gambling", etc. Separate your keywords with commas, and have about 800 characters or so of keywords. Make sure that you include your special keywords more than once, but NEVER repeat any single word more than three times total in your meta tags.

    Description should not be a tagline, it should be an actual description. This is one of the other places to put special keywords in.

    I think your splash page should contain meaningful content, such as a paragraph of description. I'm not a fan of splash pages, but I'm not saying you should get rid of it.

    Important: Don't try any 'tricks'. There is a fine line, but don't try keywords in comment tags, or anything. You can use alt tags.

    Basically if you actually put a real description in your description tag and some meaningful content near the top of your site you'll be fine.

    <TITLE> - News - Scores - Odds - Injury Reports - Statistics &amp; More.</TITLE>
    <META NAME="Author" CONTENT="&copy;2001 Neocleous Consulting Inc.">
    <META content="text/html; charset=iso-8859-1" http-equiv=Content-Type>
    <META NAME="rating" CONTENT="General">
    <META name="KEYWORDS" content="champion,odds,news,live scores,statistics,schedules,handicapping,trends,matchups,free picks,free winners,sports,sportsbooks,sportsbook,gambling,formula one,f1,nfl,nba,nhl,mlb,ncaa,golf,nascar,tennis,soccer,rugby,xfl,casinos,free money,free email,casino,online casino,online gambling,online sportsbook,cashsplash,progressive jackpots,jackpots,gamble,web gambling,betting">
    <META name="DESCRIPTION" content=" Providing Sports & Gambling information, news, scores, odds, statistics, free contests, discussion forums on all major sports.">
    This is better I think. You repeat the word 'free' a few too many times, in my opinion. Your description is good. Maybe I'd focus it a bit more, rather than having a list of words.

    On the site itself, I'd put a welcome message that has some helpful info, and put that near the top left. It should contain meaningful words, yet without overusing any words of course.

    This is all very brutal, and I'm not saying you should do all this or die they are all just some suggestions.
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