I have a little php/MySQL thing I'm working on.
I just figured out I will use 3 main tables for different info.
The program is a little help for my band. A sort of booking system for the guys in the band.
I have one table with the users (5 people and some info on everyone, like e-mail and stuff like that).
I have one table with the places where we can book and info on that place, with contacts and phone number and so on.
The third table is the booking info. What place it is (from the 2nd table), who did the booking (from the 1st table) and this table with all the info about the booking (date and price aso).

But how do I make them link together in a relational database in Dreamweaver?
I have one auto_inc id for every table.
Do I put the user in a session to follow all along while choosing place and then do the booking?
Or how do I do that the easiest way?

I guess you figured it out... I'm a newbie. But aiming high.