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    Bruno Delepierre
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    I'm in progress of setting up an e-marketing company who will process about every aspect you can think of in e-marketing ( SE optimization, direct marketing, affiliate marketing, ezines, banner advertising, offline marketing... ). As probably everybody else I think we are very good in what we do

    I would like to get your advice if this kind of company has potential to survive... I want to say we would go international as we can handle dutch,english,french,german and spanish sites.

    Now, here is my question...

    Do you have a budget to promote your site If so, how much do you spend a year and what are you using it for ?

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    well... yes, I have budget for promotion. But personaly I prefer to do that in house....
    like majority of us...

    what I think would be a good idea is to outsource search engine promotion and positioning. This is very time consuming process, and I'm gonna to outsource it as soon as possible.
    As for the rest, we will keep it on the house.

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