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    How important is an ABOUT US page?

    We are selling DVD's on our website that we made. I was thinking about an ABOUT US page to put people at ease and be more personable, what are everybody's opinions on these?

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    I feel About Us pages are very important when it comes to e-commerce sites ... as long as you have good information to put on it. With the number of one-man operations and lack of service sites out there, people want to be reassured that they are shopping at a place they can trust. If you can help them determine that you are a respectible (and legit) business, it will help the user get from thinking about purchasing on your site to actually submitting the order.

    Key info on an About Us page:
    1. Your address
    If you actually have a location, definitely put this on the page (and the footer of your site in general). There are so many places that are businesses that just ship out of their home or from a warehouse, so if you can show that you are dedicated to selling locally and online, you'll display dedication and your serious intentions with the product.
    2. Phone numbers
    Even if you don't have an 800 number, any phone number that a customer can call to talk to a representative about any problems or questions. This adds to the personable customer service appearance.
    3. Established date / history
    Talk about when you started your business (unless it was a week ago) and how you started. Knowing that you have been in business for even a year plus will give a little extra assurance to the customer.
    4. Make it personal but like you would for a local business
    Don't try and talk like you are this huge business if you are not. If you are a small family run shop, say that. People feel comfortable with information like that. Sometimes a large company gives off an "I don't care about the little people" attitude, where a small business is "the little people".

    Hope this helps you a little bit.
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