After a search for a new book to buy (gotta love reading ), I found a book titled: 'Object-Oriented Design Heuristics'.

This book covers the subject of judging a design, in the form of guidelines to help you do this judging.

This is a rather rare topic I think (I never seen it before), which is really an important aspect in determining if you made the right design trade-offs.

The problem is, I can't really tell how the book presents this guidelines, and if the guidelines are really of any use to me. The 'table of contents' is a little strange. But maybe thats just because it does not seem to cover the aspects I would imagine when someone tells about judging a design. Maybe the guidelines are more ment to the extreme novice designers, who want to be able to examine their very first design.

So my question is: Does anyone know/has this book, or knows if its any good? The book may seem like a must have, based on the subject it covers.

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