What I am doing!
I am recreating my website based around PHP/MySQL because I lsot my entire MySQL database because it was "too large" according to my host and there was no way I could back it up. Basically I have 3 levels of origanization with large content at the end so what I was planing on having 3 tables to represent each level and then have the main content (large anounts of text) stored in .txt files. Here's an example with table feilds in ():

Location (location_id, location_name)
> Name (name_id, location_id, name_name)
>> Hobby (hobby_id, name_id, location_id, hobby_name, text_file)

What is contained in the text file is a description of the hobby, stories, ect in plain text, but for the name and location it is just normally one to three words. There is not always a name for the hobby so I am including the location_id in the hobby table (if you were wondering). The database will be searched and I will have pages origanizing the data by Location>Name>Hobby, Name>Hobby, Name>Location>Hobby.

This is a school project (which is why it sounds kind of off the wall) but any and all help is appreciated.

Is there any problems in my logic or any other better way of going about my problem?

Is there any documentation on creating/editing/saving/deleting/etc .txt files through PHP?