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    Calendar question

    Hello out here.

    I use Dreamweaver and php / mysql. I'm really a newbie and started working a couple of months ago, but now I haven't done much and it's easy to forget, so all the time I have to start all over again...
    I'm trying to set up a little site for me and some friends. We are 5 people who will be using the page and one of the pages is a calendar I wanna setup.
    On this calendar all 5 of us should be able to mark or unmark when we are not available.
    But I jsut don't know how to do this. Seems it would be a huge amount of scripting, but maybe there might be a svript to download somewhere and then modify for this.

    The thing is, we are a little band and the calendar is supposed to help us when the guys are busy somewhere else and can't do a concert. But I guess it's pretty common for small companies as well and I guess we could use something similar.
    The rest of my page is other functions that the members in the band might wanna know about, but I have a little problem making this alendar, so happy for help or advice out here.

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    On this site are a lot of calendar scripts.
    But if you really want to learn PHP write it by yourself, help you will get in the forums
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    3 Thread(s) have a good calendar tutorial, have a look at it and learn how to build it.
    I said in a previous post, the best way to learn how to do something is to look at how others have done it successfully and take it apart. This way you know how things work and if they go wrong YOU can fix them.
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