I was just trying to validate my site via the W3C validator. Seeing as this is my first site, I had a BUNCH of errors come up. Anyways, I was trying to fix that. Requiring me to close some unclosed meta tags, adding ; after &nbsps and some unimportant stuff. The last thing I remember doing was replacing & in links with & and then, suddenly I get this error...
Parse error: parse error, unexpected T_STRING in /www/scripts/comicsys.php on line 41
Line 41 is the line where I am inserting stuff into the $queryarg variable:
PHP Code:
function displayrants($comicid) {

$queryarg "SELECT id, author, mood, title, rant, DATE_FORMAT(postdate, '%M %D, %Y - %H:%m:%S') AS date FROM rants WHERE comicid=001 ORDER BY postdate DESC";
$query mysql_query($queryarg);
$row mysql_fetch_assoc($query)) {
$title htmlentities($row['title']);

Can you spot anything that could be the cause of the above error? Because I can't... And what's more is that I didn't change anything close to these lines.

So what's wrong? Do you think that the adding of ;s could have ****ed up my code? I tested a 'echo "asdasd;asdfasdf";' statement, and it worked...

Here are my scripts if you have some time to spend, and would like to use it trying to help me.


And if you're even newer than me to php, you're free to copy the code and do what ever you wish with it.

Anyways, if you have some comments on this problem of mine, please help. I'm totally lost.