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Thread: mySQL question

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    Hi all,

    I have a particular question about my PHP/mySQL database.

    I have a database driven site of articles at

    Lets say I have an article of id $aid and date $date, and I want to find out what position that article would fall if the articles were sorted by date.

    The table is, of course, indexed by date, so is there a way of finding where this article falls in the index by date?

    What I could do, is count the number of articles that are newer than this article, and then add one:

    "SELECT COUNT(*) FROM articles WHERE date > $date"

    But this, I believe, would be quite inefficient. If there were two articles with the same date, they would return the same value. Is there a better way?

    At the bottom of an article, I'd like to include links to next/previous articles. I need to know where the current article falls to be able to do this.

    Thanks in advance
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