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    updating field based on a value

    i need to update a float in a row in my table, based on whether the other two fields in the table, id, and name, are certain values. the thing is, the following won't work:

    update yourtable
       set yourfloat = yourfloat + 1.5
     where id = 2
       and name = 'dave'
    because there may not exist a row where the id and name are both these values. so is there any way to test whether there is a row with these values, if so, do the code above, and if not, insert a new row with all this info.

    So i guess i am looking for some sort of mysql if statement.


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    the IF statement in mysql applies to stored procedures which are supported only in version 5

    if you're on, let's say, 4.0.21, then you have a choice to make

    use application program scripting, e.g. php, or else if you really really want to use mysql's IF statement, upgrade to version 5

    which, by the way, is still in early beta status | @rudydotca
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