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Thread: Darn SPIDERS!!!

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    Hi, I hope I am allowed to ask this question here. I will try to be quick. I will appreciate help. I have just read through 230,000,987,983,874.8 (give or take a few) sites relating to search engine optimisation. I am a brand new webmaster and I am currently building my first 'ventured' site. It is called and will be up in a week or two. I believe I now have a thorough understanding of how to create a site that conforms with search engines well. I realise that some search engines perform exactly opposite to others. I know that Lycos and Northern Light don't even use <meta tags>, so it is imperative to make sure that <meta> tags aren't being used as a bandaid solution. I realie that I must include pin point specific 'keywords' from the <title> and all the way through my page. I know that most search engines only read the 'viewable text'. I am currently of the opinion (correct me if i'm wrong), that 'viewable' text is that of which can be seen 'onscreen' by the reader, or the end result, the display of the coding. Now here is my problem. At the start of my page (which is the same as every page, because it is template based) I have a link menu. It contains about 20 links. Also above the 'content' text there is a banner and some text. The thing that I am confused about is I don't know if these 'text links' will show up, or be counted in search engines. I sincerely hope that I do't have to rewrite my site so that the text links actually show up 'after' the content (where I will make a huge effort to attract search engines). In short... do search engines pick up url reference links?

    Thankyou, if you can help me.


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    Hi there.

    Without seeing your site, it is hard for us to tell.

    Yes, often people will have to redesign a page in order to get meaningful text at the top for the search engines.

    Search engines usually ignore images without ALT tags, so you can have meaningless graphics or ads with ALT tags above the content.

    Also, the text in the links may be highly relevant. I don't know about your case, but it could be true.

    Think of a tagline or about 6 to 8 words, including your desired keywords, and place it near the top, below the heading and above the links. Again, without seeing your site, it is hard for me to judge.

    You don't have to optimise it so far that it compromises your site design, but it is not unreasonable to alter the design a little bit for the search engines.
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