Please don't shift this to the CSS forum as I'm sure it's content is more applicable to general web design than specifically CSS (plus I get the feeling that forum doesn't get nearly as much traffic as this one )

OK - I just read the excellent new article on SitePoint about encouraging users to use standards compliant browsers, and how it lets you do funky designs with not a table in sight. Check it out here if you haven't read it already:

I found this a fantastic article, and will almost certainly be using it's principles in my next site. Here's the problem though. I use MSIE 5.5 on a PII laptop. I generally surf the net with at least 12 MSIE windows open, constantly downloading new pages while I'm reading ones that have loaded (works great for using forums). I find that IE tends to lock up and crash if I have more than 20 open windows at once.

While browsing the example sites linked to from the article above, my IE started to lock up with only 8 windows open. Now this could be because my laptop has been on for a while and is running out of resources, but it was still quite alarming how few windows I could have open. Does using CSS for layout instead of tables somehow hog more system resources when used in conjunction with MSIE?

If so this could be a problem with the kind of sites I work on (which will generally be visited by people who are experienced in using the internet and likely to have many browser windows open).

Can anyone comment on this, or possibly try opening several sites using CSS only in their browser and see if the same happens to them?

Excellent article by the way - I'd love to see other people's opinions on it and whether or not they would use the techniques described for their own sites.