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    Quote Originally Posted by Selkirk
    Quote Originally Posted by Tony Marston
    This is the only place where my implementation diverges. Due to the passive nature of HTTP my controller tells a model to do something, and when it has done it the model gives its response back to the controller. The controller then takes this response and converts it into an XML document before giving it to the view (an XSL stylesheet) for processing. Thus my views have no communication with any model.
    Looking at my code I think that defining my view component as nothing but the XSL transformation may be incorrect. I have a small number of generic controllers which are procedural, not OO, which may call other procedural functions as well as instantiating and communicating with objects in the business layer. The final step in every controller (when it needs to create XHTML output) is to call a procedural function buildXML() with a list of objects. This function pulls data out of the objects, constructs the XML document and finally performs the XSL transformation. If you regard this function to be part of the view then it (the view) does indeed pull data out of the object(s) before it pushes it to the XSL stylesheet.
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