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    Quote Originally Posted by Tony Marston
    Brenden Vickery
    Putting "class Default_Table {" before a list of procedural functions and "}" after the list does not make the code Object Oriented.
    I beg to differ.
    If the distinction between code that simply has classes and code that is object orientated is arbitrary to you, then you might want to take a second look at it.

    If you put pure procedural code into an object, it is still procedural code. It can't be orientated around objects if it is just procedural code modularized using classes.

    Quote Originally Posted by Tony Marston
    it is far better to have something which breaks some arbitrary set of rules but which works than it is to have something which obeys those rules but which fails to work.
    Lines like this serve only to irritate, they don't say anything constructive or interesting.

    Code that works in better than code that doesn't work. This is as true for all code, procedural and OO.

    You may implement the 3-tier architecture in a different way, but as long as it fulfills its purpose it would be a perfectly valid implementation, just as mine is a perfectly valid implemenation.
    But an implemenation of what? Just because it "works" does not mean that it is an implemenation of a 3-tier architecture.

    My motto is "innovate, don't immitate", so I will always look for a different way, a better way.
    Then live by it, don't just say so. When using other people's words to describe your code, and it appears that your code is not described by those words, expect people to tell you that your code is "wrong".

    For example, putting procedural code in a class and saying that it is suddenly not procedural will get negative comments.

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