If you look at http://www.geoworld.org/index.php with Internet Explorer, you'll see a table listing the continents and oceans on the left side of the page and half a globe on the right side of the page, with text floating in between. I used CSS to make the table float left, then I sliced the globe into several pieces and made them float right. It works fine.

But if you look at the same page with Mozilla Firefox, the globe is positioned below the table, not opposite it. I don't have a clue about how to fix this.

Any suggestions?

Oops, I almost forgot my CSS style. This is it:

img.worldpiece { float: right; clear: both; }

If I change it to this...

img.worldpiece { float: right; }

then Firefox pulls the pieces UP into position, but they they're all jumbled against each horizontally, with some pushed far away from the right side of the page.