We sent this email to 'Best Web Buys' nearly a month ago, but despite sending four emails, have had no response...

I don't know if any affiliates of theirs might be able to help me answer the following questions:

(1) Is it possible for affiliates to somehow link directly to their music section at:
http://www.bestwebbuys.com/music ?

(2) Another question: do we still receive the 15 cents if somebody clicks through to the Amazon, B&N and other store links on the right of the homepage etc.?

There are masses of adverts for other affiliate programs on their site, so we don't want to refer people to their site for us to earn nothing and 'Best Web Buys' to profit from the traffic we send them.

We've been screwed by another comparison shopping site, DealTime, and so want to be careful this time...

Thank you very much for your help. We appreciate you taking the time and trouble to assist us!