I just figured out how to install the spell check hack..

its not listed to download on the vbull site nor there affiliates.. if you want to see how it works... you will have to register to post i think.. but pm me because i dont want to offend any of the staff here, and it maybe taken as advertising ... so PM me if you are in a position to add/mod etc to sitepoints templates.... i will post a snapshot, because im not directly trying to get members by this... just want this ability on the sitepoint.

Step 1

Type Your Doc when done hit the FixTypos Button shown below next to post and preview buttons. It will load a popup with your text.

Then Make Your Changes Using Drop Downs...and hit finished when done. It will load another popup with edited content in a message area... as shown in step 3.

Step 3
This Window shows your edited text and an "Insert in Document" Button. Push It and it closes popup and initiates the changes automatically.

I Hope The Staff Takes This Into Consideration. Also I hope I have provided something usefull as far as feedback and support goes. :_)

Warm Regards