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Thread: Opera and Divs?

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    Opera and Divs?


    I am creating a site where I can show an unlimited number of affiliate websites. For this I have created a 'Website Viewer. It works by pulling in a website into my own for viewing of the first screen only. Should a user click on the site a warning appears telling them to use the 'Full Screen' link above. This is necessary because the methods I use to do this cause cookie problems should a user shop on their selected site whilst housed within my own. I have been able to stop them being able to interact with the site by covering it with a transparent gif image using a div. Everything works fine on Explorer and Firefox but with Opera the div is not being seen. Opera users can then interact with the site directly which I am trying to avoid. I could stop Opera users from using the viewer but I am wondering why the div isn't being seen. A working version of the site viewer can be seen here:

    Website Viewer

    Adjustments are still being carried out to this viewer and the animated 'Full Screen' box might have to go because it looks a bit odd on Firefox.

    Does anyone know why Opera shouldn't see the div? Will post the coding if it will help obviously.



    Edit: should you take a look click on 'Test Yahoo' and then anywhere on Yahoo itself. A warning should appear. Click on the 'Full Screen' link for a seperate and animated box to appear.

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    Does anyone know why Opera shouldn't see the div
    AFAIK opera renders the iframe on top of everything and will not allow you to place a div on top I'm afraid.

    I notice in ie that you are not covering the whole window and there are still clickable areas on the imported site.



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