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Thread: template files

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    template files

    I need to write html pages but want the pages to look like the rest of my php pages but I cant figure out which files are the template files. I would appreciate any help with this.

    Thank You
    Antiques & Old World Charms

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    Not sure if I'm following you correctly, but if the PHP pages are templated based on files that are included (something like <?php include('_includes/header.php'); ?>) , then open up all the pages that are being included in the page. This will let you see all the files that make up a page.

    Hope I didn't confuse you anymore!

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    Not confused so far

    I do understand that but need can not figure out which files in my system are the template files. this is where I am having the problem. If I understand correctly I would have these after the head in the html

    I think these may be some of the files but I need help with placing them into html

    <script language="php">include("$incdir/title.php");</script>
    (Shows category/item name and sub category display)

    < script language="php">include("$incdir/products.php");</script>

    Navigation Includes
    (don't be confused. We've given you a lot of options. Look at the navigation includes used in the default templates for reference)

    < script language="php">include("$incdir/navbar.php");</script>
    (standard navigation include will display vertical or horizontal depending on css (use inline for horizontal, block for vertical)

    < script language="php">include("$incdir/breadcrumb.php");</script>
    (the bread crumb bar)

    < script language="php">include("$incdir/navhomelink.php");</script>
    (same as above with inclusion of a link to home page)

    < script language="php">include("$incdir/navbarmulti.php");</script>
    (top navigation for the default multi level template)

    < script language="php">include("$incdir/current_subcats.php");</script>
    (side navigation for the default multi level template)

    < script language="php">include("$incdir/split_navbar.php");</script>
    (used to display the parent categories in the horizontal template)

    < script language="php">include("$incdir/split_navbarhomelink.php");</script>
    (same as above with homepage link)

    < script language="php">include("$incdir/subnav_only.php");</script>
    (used to display the sub categories in the horizontal template)

    < script language="php">include("$incdir/usernav.php");</script>
    (used to display the sub categories in the horizontal template)

    < script language="php">include("$incdir/viewcontents.php");</script>
    (shows cart contents qty and total and button to view cart)

    < script language="php">include("$incdir/cartcontents.php");</script>
    (shows cart contents qty and total without button)

    < script language="php">include("$incdir/viewcontents.php");</script>
    (To add cart contents)

    <script language="php">include("$incdir/sitenav.php");</script>
    (To create the links to pages stored in the CMS)

    Search Boxes

    <script language="php">include("$incdir/search.php");</script>
    (keyword search)

    <script language="php">include("$incdir/catnum.php");</script>
    (To create a drop down catalog number search)

    <script language="php">include("$incdir/price.php");</script>
    (To create a drop down price range search)

    <script language="php">include("$incdir/categories.php");</script>
    (To create a drop down category search)

    Hidden Data

    <script language="php">include("$incdir/meta.php");</script>
    (To add meta tags to your catalog page)

    <script language="php">include("$incdir/metatitle.php");</script>
    (To add a customizable title tag to your catalog page)

    <script language="php">include("$incdir/openinfo.php");</script>
    (needed to open up the database connection)

    <script language="php">mysql_close();</script>
    (needed to close the connection)

    Please note that the user pages for the wishlist, order summary and account information have login checks at the top of each file before the opening html. These should not be removed.

    Other Pages
    (typically these will replace title.php and products.php in the template)

    <script language="php">include("$incdir/advsearch.php");</script>
    (To create an advanced search form, used in the advancedsearch.php page)

    <script language="php">include("$incdir/wholesaleinc.php");</script>
    (To create the wholesale area, used in the wholesalers.php page)

    <script language="php">include("$incdir/userconfirm.php");</script>
    (Shows account links after login)

    <script language="php">include("$incdir/forgot.php");</script>
    (Shows password retrieval form)

    <script language="php">include("$incdir/loginform.php");</script>
    (shows account login form)

    <script language="php">include("$incdir/ordersummary.php");</script>
    (shows order summary)

    <script language="php">include("$incdir/orderdetail.php");</script>
    (shows order detail)

    <script language="php">include("$incdir/registerform.php");</script>
    (shows registration form)

    <script language="php">include("$incdir/wishlist.php");</script>
    (shows shows wishlist)

    Displaying Content with the CMS

    The template for displaying information from the CMS (display_page.php) uses a few more special tags as listed below:

    display the page title
    <title> <?=$title ?> </title>

    display the meta keywords
    <meta name="Keywords" content="<?=$kw ?>">

    display the page meta description
    <meta name="Description" content="<?=$ds ?>">

    display the page content
    <?=$content ?>

    Inserting Editable Sections in Your Template

    If you are using themes and wish to make sections of your template editable create a .inc file under the theme/themename directory. Be sure to set the permissions on the file to 777 so it is editable. The below is an example of how to insert the include file into your template.

    <script language="php">include("$incdir/themes/$Theme/");</script>

    Actually I have a CMS system and may be looking for a coder to make some changes for me until I get the hang of things
    Thank You
    Antiques & Old World Charms


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