If you visit www.newlifesingers.com, you'll notice that there's a shadow effect below the body of the page. (btw, if you check the CSS through Jigsaw it would look like spaghetti - I used the Ruthsarian layout and currently everything's still broken out in files like gutters, borders, fonts, etc.)

Originally I had a background with black dots equally spaced horizontally and vertically. But to line up the shadow image correctly would require a div that filled the bottom of the client's height, and after scouring the Internet I decided there wasn't a non-script way of doing what I wanted, and I didn't want to use script for such a simple effect. (Just a personal preference. )

Ideally, I would have liked to have it where the shadow effect showed if the client height was larger than the body, but if the client height was at the body's height or smaller it would only scroll to the bottom of the body. I think it's a nice effect with a page design that doesn't always extend to the client height. I've seen a similar effect horizontally for fixed-width pages - there you have the advantage of tricks like a background image.

Anyway, as I thought about all this I just wondered - would there be anything in CSS3 that would allow such an effect? Does anybody have any ideas on how it could be accomplished if CSS had some extra features? I'm just curious - I don't mind how my page is now and am not searching for a CSS2 hack (I don't think it would be possible). But I thought maybe planned improvements would open the door for something like this. (Or perhaps stretching div's? )