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    PHP script to import csv data into MS SQL Server table

    Hi Fellows,

    Could any person help me with a sample PHP script to import data from csv file into MS SQL Server.

    The file has six columns while the table has eight columns. So, I have to modify the file to include two columns and thier values first, then import the file into SQL Server table.

    Any suggestions please.


    Please see below the issue that I am looking for a solution.

    I have a record form with three text boxes:

    Customer Name: C048468145-2 //substr () from filename without extension
    Customer file: C048468145-2.csv //substr () from filename with extension
    Data File: C:\C048468145-2.csv //filename selected by user

    (Action 1)
    (a) Append extra two column names(Customer Name, Customer File,) to the begining of the column row in the (C:\C048468145-2.csv) file.
    They are extra columns names that are required in the file and I will get the values from two textboxes before insert into a table.

    E.g Original File Content column row = : Item,Product Number,Product Type,Date,Time,Stock Number,Cost GST$
    // 7 columns initially.

    After Appending the extra columns = : Customer Number,Customer File,Item,Product Number,Product Type,Date,Time,Stock Number,Cost GST$
    // 9 columns after append.

    (Action 2)
    (c) Append value (C048468145-2) for Customer Number and (C048468145-2.csv) for Customer File columns for each record and insert the record into Customer_Items table. So, the during the import, the record should kind of take this format:

    Customer Name,Customer File,Item,Product Number,Product Type,Date,Time,Stock Number,Cost GST$
    C048468145-2,C048468145-2.csv,822454396,Local,23- Aug,8:12 AM,822416654,7.25,,
    C048468145-2,C048468145-2.csv,822454396,Local,23-Aug,1:43 PM,822415333,5.36,,
    C048468145-2,C048468145-2.csv,822454396,Local,23-Aug,1:55 PM,822228355,3.47,,
    C048468145-2,C048468145-2.csv,822454396,Local,24-Aug,10:22 AM,822974292,7.17,,
    C048468145-2,C048468145-2.csv,822454396,Local,24-Aug,2:04 PM,822974292,5.18,,
    C048468145-2,C048468145-2.csv,822454396,Local,24-Aug,2:12 PM,822418667,4.16,,
    C048468145-2,C048468145-2.csv,822454396,Local,24-Aug,8:20 PM,822941332,4.17,,
    C048468145-2,C048468145-2.csv,822454396,Local,25-Aug,12:51 PM,822974299,25.18,,
    C048468145-2,C048468145-2.csv,822454396,Local,25-Aug,12:51 PM,822974299,8.17,,

    The comma delimeters separates the columns and Item column can be NULL.
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