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    Float Positioning Nightmare!

    Well, thanks to the wonderful browser that is IE, I spent a few hours trying to fix IE5 only to find the result then breaks in Firefox and IE 6 and IE5 Mac.

    The problem is on my homepage, the 'Latest News' float on the right hand side won't stay there, and moves to the main content area of the page. In varying degrees dependant on which browser you're in.

    The page is

    If anyone can patience with IE has run so far it's now a little speck on the horizon.


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    Only had a quick look, but I think you need to add a width to the div#latest-news of 150px to match the width of the nav container.

    Yup checks out ok. If you do not specify a width, it picks up the width from the parent container, which in this case in the inner div. Therefore it trys to fill the whole space. By adding the width, it know to only move left 150px.

    You also need to play around with the Nav Bat to get the "display: block;" to work. Same thing you need a width in here. It'll be around 125px. 150px minus margin and padding. Then the a link will be picked up on the whole button.
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