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    CSS and Printing


    I have a problem with printing a page which uses overflow and such...

    This is the part of the css that goes in the 'screen' part:

    #panelColRowHeaders { overflow: hidden; }
    #panelRowHeaders { overflow: auto; }
    #panelColHeaders { overflow: auto; }
    #panelRows { overflow: hidden; }

    When I print the css looks like this:

    #panelColRowHeaders { }
    #panelRowHeaders { }
    #panelColHeaders { }
    #panelRows { }

    So on my webpage, the information in the panel is shown with scrollbars when needed.

    If I print the information, it just has to be displayed as one big list without the scrollbars. In vertical direction, everything works well (getting 2 or more pages out of the printer). But my problem lies in printing in horizontal direction. The last column (most right) on the first page is cut off and the rest of the columns don't come out of the printer (for example on another page as I would pressume...)

    Can it be solved by css?

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    If we had a link to your page then we could see whats happening and offer some advice as its always hard to tell without seeing all the code.

    Setting up printsheets can be awkward and browsers arent perfect. Also you have the default page settings on browsers print options that can't be changed anyway.

    Have a look here for some info that might help.



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