I could do with some help with the footer in my layout
Page CSS

The way I have it at the moment is position: absolute; with bottom: 0;. obvously if the page is bigger than the window this causes the footer to overlap the content.

The footer has to be within the #main-cent div as this is what puts the 'leafy' edges on the main background (the page background (the flowers) is a large jpg fixed to the bottom center of the window, the two are seporate for 2 reasons. firstly the 'leaves' are a just a 2 colour gif, and the 'flowers' can be compressed Jpeg. Also the 'leaves' will scroll with the page while the 'flowers' remain static in the background).
I can do a 'normal' footer but having to put it within the #main-cent div makes my usual method not work.
Thanks in advance for any new ideas on how to achive this.