This thread is designed to compliment the "The best navigation system you know" thread.

PLEASE PLEASE see this site

Have a look at the navigation system. If you keep clicking in random places, you'll find that there is actually quite a bit of info on that site.

Now I want to you do three things:

1. Find a movie trailer to download.
2. Find out who the film editor is.
3. Find out what the director's first feature film was (as director).

By the way, I'm a film enthusiast.

I challenge anyone to find a site with a worse navigation system.

Don't look at these until you've tried yourself.

one. enter enhanced site.
click the urban images link
click the quicktime link
click one of the links eg high

two. enter enhanced site.
click the wrap party link
follow all the links with the names until you load one that says editor
the editor is PETER E. BERGER, A.C.E.

three. enter enhanced site
click the wrap party link
see if you can find the button which scrolls down through the text
it is "swing kids"