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Thread: Java Servlets

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    Hello All

    I have a few questions to ask. Does anyone know of any good tutorials out there for Java Servlets. Or can anyone give me any examples of how Servlets differ from lets say reqular Java Code.

    (I have looked at suns site, but I am looking for some different sites.)

    Does anyone have any quick tips for learning Servlets,

    And last question, it is about JServ, I have installed an apache server, and an apache JServ all on Solaris 8 intel. But for some reason the JServ will not start properly.

    Does anyone know of any bugs that may be there.


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    JGuru links to this Sun page for the "Fundamentals of Java Servlets", I don't know if you already saw it.

    JGuru's FAQs and forums might help you. I'd try a search for "servlets" as well.

    That's all I can think of, sorry.

    [-]Added after original post:
    I forgot to mention that you might have more luck in either the "Client Side Scripting" forum or the "Server-Side Internet Development" forum.
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