Hi guys,

I have been buzzing through these forums trying to pick up on CSS...been a hardcore tables guy till I started working with CSS a couple of months ago...

Finally, I was truly inspired by Paul OB's 3 column fluid layout, I have searched far and wide for a good way to do that, nothing works as simple and easy as his. So decided to give it a go. You will see my test design here.

Now the design seems to be working fine in my browser, I haven't tested in any others yet since I have a number of other issues.

First - W3 tears my HTML apart, I am making a fundamental mistake in my syntax or definition of the page or elements. Could someone please help. I've come so far, can't go back to tables now, but if it doesn't validate what's the point!!

This is the page

This is the CSS

This is the validation

Also - what is a recommended resource for understanding CSS syntax and elements. I have a serious lack of logic....so need some place with a lot of show with the tell. Not just plain documentation. Things like what elements, what goes with what and what goes without.

I am doing a lot of things now that seem to work but I don't fully understand yet. Hopefully by the time I finish a few designs I will actually "know what I'm doing" with CSS. Right now CSS is doing me.

#thanks .regards {

P.S. - Any help, tips, suggestions or citisism of page will be really appreciated. Also if you see any issues with the page in other browsers(with a tip on how to fix it of course ).