This is so weird. I made a Swish page and it worked fine. I changed it a little so I uploaded the change. The change didn't show for me, but for my Mom (in Tenn) it did. Next morning, everyone says the page is crashing their Netscape browser. I go check and it crashes my browser too. Says illegal operation and closes out.

I save file as a new name, change html, upload page and file again and now I get at least a black background, but no Swish.

I think maybe the Earthlink web space is messed up so I upload the same page to another site, and now THAT page is messed up. It plays the Swish intro for about 5 seconds and stops.

I look at my FTP and I see I cannot select delete to take anything off a web site. AND I see the Swish file is uploading as 23k and I know it's 56k.

I think the FTP is corrupted. Do you think so??????? How about I uninstall and reinstall it? If I do, will I lose all my current data in there? I have three different sites up. To have to upload all pages from three sites is a bad thought indeed.

Please someone reply soon if you can.

Thank you!