I've been trying to make my code cleaner and more professional lately, and I have a question for you. I have a site that is basically a ticket tracking system for different types of forms. Basically I flag a person as to which forms they have access to. They are either viewing the form or updating it. So right now I have a different page depending on which form it is, a page for searching for them, and a page for updating users. Given this type of page should I have one page for all the forms, and just let it know via the url which form to pull and do everything with the one page? If I did it this way would I use a class to create the page, or just call a function depending on which form they want?

I'm having problems figuring out at what point does a page warrant making a class for it. Right now I am calling a function that does what I want, but it basically the same thing as if I just included the code, or for that matter just write it on the page. I'm having a hard time seeing how using a function or class for my page helps me any. Or should I just do it for good coding practice?