I have been operating a design business for three years now and for the first time I have an unhappy client and I'm not quite sure how to handle this situation...any help will be greatly appreciated.
I have been working with this client for nearly a year and a half on his quite complex insurance website. We had planned for launch on March 1st. My wife and I spent most of that week and the week after in the hospital having our daughter. For the next two weeks I basically set my business aside and tried to reorganize my life accordingly. (Client knew about this and essentially approved - he was quoted as saying 'take care of your family then we will take care of the site')
Surprisingly to me I received a letter from client's lawyer stating that he wanted all files and documents handed over in 10 days. Client and I have no written contract, everything was verbal. I made an attempt to contact the client, but my response was instead returned by his attorney stating that he had hired another firm and requested all files be turned over.
I have no problem giving him a CD of all the files that he has paid for, but I do not want to be associated with the site once this new firm takes over. I also want to make sure that if in 6 months a freak server crash occurs (or something) due to my code that I am not liable for it - god knows what could have been altered in it.
What kind of ground do I have to stand on? They are basically trying to bully me into giving them these files, I want to make sure my butt is covered in the long run - I would also like to do a little pushing back where possible.
Again, any help or advice is GREATLY appreciated. If I posted this in the wrong forum...sorry