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    howdy...I am implementing Kevin Yanks excellent drop-down menu on a site of mine. I am encountering some unforeseen problems and would like some dHTML gurus to take a look and make some suggestions. To be fair, the menu in it's unaltered state works perfectly in both IE and NS (does it work in AOL?) The problem lies in the fact that I am making some pretty substantial edits/additions.

    The mockup can be found at:

    Here are the problems I am encountering and would like solutions for:

    1) The menu was designed for use in a left-aligned site. On my intro page ONLY, the menu will be center-aligned. The problem with this is that fact the the DIV's rely on absolute postioning. How can I overcome this?

    2) The original menu used only one background color for each menu. I want to use a different background color for each menu. I have accomplished this in IE by creating duplicate styles for each menu item, then changing the bg color. But as you might expect, it does not work in Netscape. I have narrowed it down to the part that I must change/add to in NS, but I don't know how to proceed.

    In Netscape, the DIV that contains the actual text just covers the text itself.

    3) I would like to know if it possible to make each menu a different width? As you can see from the mockup, each button is a different width, and I would like the menu's to be the same width. This one is not that important as I can change the images themselves if I need to.

    thanks in advance.
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