One thing which really annoys me is when people install a javascript routine which, upon a right mouse button click event, pops up an alert box stating that "Right click is disabled" or "HTML source is protected".

Why do people bother? I like to examine the HTML source of many sites I visit to further my knowledge, indeed it is this method of learning which I believe is responsible for the rate at which the WWW did, and continues to, grow.

HTML is a client side language. Accept it. People can always view you code / steal your images if they want. And to put everyone on a level playing field here, I'd like to point out the easiest way to bypass this pointless javascript interference.

Press the left mouse button just before the right mouse button (almost, but not quite, clicking both at the same time) Internet Explorer (don't know about Netscape) will not deny you access to the popup menu if you do this.

Just wanted to share my gripe and one of many solutions for it.