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    Since this is a quiet thread..let's start something..

    I'm a webmaster of 2 sites at the moment, with 2 more coming out soon. However, 75% of them are still based on the advertising dependant model while the other would be sale dependant.

    So far, I've done reduction in cost particularly on hosting fees/per site and with a 1 man business, its difficult to cut down cost elsewhere.

    The only thing is to get more advertising dollars. How? I've tried direct approach since many ad networks are rejecting sites and done quite a number of pay per lead offers.

    So far, I'm nearly breaking even. However, I'm out of ideas on how to survive the dotcom meltdown. Here are ideas which should be feasible.

    1) Subscription based - this is only good for sites with high loyalty
    2) Sell something online?

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    Selling something online is by far the more prudent course of action, as almost any business will pay a commission once a product or service has been sold. As such, I think its important to distinguish between affiliate programs and merchant programs. But more important than both -- and more lucrative -- is the concept of online marketing.

    My company offers a free product for building a collaborrative Web site, and the product pays for itself by sharing revenue with site contributors who are responsible for selecting the merchant links that they think end users will be interested in seeing. Such highly targeted product placement is extremely effective, and it gives us marketing data that we can also sell, once again sharing that revenue with our site contributors. But the best part is that we don't have to know *ANYTHING* about the end user: All we have to know is that a specific product sells when it is presented in conjunction with a specific type of content.

    Did I mention that we currently have over 160 patents claims pending on the technology that makes this possible?
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    I have always used affiliate programs, that way I am not pressed or under pressure to get or keep advertising. Long as I have traffic, I have sales. It's all a numbers game, the more times you ask for a sale, the more sales you will make.

    But, now, it you go down hat route, be aware banners have been on the outs for some time. I am lucky to get more than 2%, views v.s. clicks. So Either add enticing text below the banners or all text banners. Or even all text.

    Another idea might be to sell your exit traffic on a per click basis. Or add search box's where you get paid per search by surfer. You might already know all this, just putting in my two cents.. I've been online for almost 3 years, and the money has always been there. Some times it goes up and down, but it's always there.

    My personal opinion on the dying of dot coms, I think you, one man business's are not even in the same ballpark. Meaning that you can be just as big as the big guys, just takes work and ideas... Plus you don't have the huge overhead or huge payrolls! This is the david v.s. the goliath.
    Many may not agree, but I believe the Big Guys started too fat and in a marketing field they did'nt know much about.

    Just my thoughts. Good luck to you netesq!

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