Hi there,

A school for which i work for as bought a windows 2003 server standard edition server and has now asked me to create a group policy so that the students do not access the control panel on the local computer.

I have created the domain as twkom with an Organzation Unit called Tamarikima. In Tamarikima there is another organization unit called groups in which there is a a students Security Group which is global.

All the students are part of this Security group. Now all i want to do is create a new group policy so that I can disable the control panel from being run by a student.

How do I do that? I've tried right clicking on the groups folder and assigning the group policy caled "Cntrol Panel"(which has control panel disabled) but it still does not disable the control panel from showing up.

Oh, and also, what ever policy changes I make, it gets applied locally on the server(meaning, if I log off the administrator account, and then log back in, it applies what ever changes i make to the policy locallly).

Any help?