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    vertically centering/anchor properties ?

    Ok, two CSS questions. Is it possible to have a paragraph or div with an image and text vertically centered inside that div with the image?

    Also, it's putting a blue border around all images that are links, why?

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    Well until the other day it was deemed impossible to vertically centre an element in another element of unknown height. However there is a solution in this thread that does just that:

    Whether its applicable to your problem you'll have to have a look and see

    If the elements have known height then there is a solution in the FAQ under how to vertically centre something by using top:50% and then a negative top margin of half the images height.

    You can vertically centre within a single line (or table cell) but not within a block element such as a div (except for the technique in the link above.) You can center a word or sentence that isn't going to wrap by setting the line-height to the same height as the div and the text will be centred. However IE won't do the same for images

    For the borders around images try using img {border:none}. You may have to make it more specific to the image in question.

    Hope that helps.


    If its the anchor around the image that has the border then you need to address the anchors border properties instead of the images.


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