I am trying to figure somethings out on what I want and I have read many a threads and pages on this so I thought I would ask about it here. I hope I can get an answer that will push one way or another.
Here is what I am looking for and I can't seem to get it.

I am looking for a way to display all data in mysql database in textboxes so I can update them or delete them. Pictures work better:
[-----] = textbox

id url name category - formatted of course
[--] [----] [-----] [------] update / delete
The above will show ALL records in the database, list(will be about 150 records) each having a textbox and corresponding data, will concider a dropdown and then the info in the dropdown put in the update/delete section.

[--] [----] [-----] [------] add new record --- this I would like to upload file as well (if possible)

I have looked at many posts and many articles but way over my head and don't understand enough, probably not what I want to get into but need to get into because I like to learn and try. Any suggestions will be taken and no advice will be turned down, this your playground guys/girls, let me know what you think.

I know I could use phpMyAdmin but don't want user to be able to get there, only want to be able to do above functions.